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Lasting Change Alumni is a membership organization formed to provide positive influences, a strong support system, and encourage each individual to give back to sustain and strengthen their recovery. We are built on a platform of connection and community and want to keep you motivated to be successful with life and recovery goals.

Why get involved?

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Staying involved gives a sense of purpose. We provide the opportunity for successful clients to demonstrate that treatment works, recovery is possible, and serve as mentors to those starting their road to recovery on their journey through Lasting Change. We highly encourage all our clients to participate in the activities we have to offer for continued growth and development in recovery from addiction.

Become a Member

Upon completion of the Lasting Change Program or other reach out methods, interested individuals will have the opportunity to meet with the Alumni Coordinator to discuss their level of interest in participation. This could be a way to help transition between the program and life. We are a network for accountability and can offer many resources necessary for a lifetime goal of recovery. Lasting Change Alumni is aimed to consist of members who have successfully completed the program within the last 30 years who can share their similar experiences to those reaching out for help at any time. Our goal is to give back to the newcomer through annual events, panels, fundraisers, recreational activities, and other 12-step activities.


Some of us would not be where we are today without Lasting Change, formally known as The W House. We know where you have been and will invest every ounce of effort to ensure a continuous transformation towards the person you are striving to become. Now is the time to embrace and share with others the rewards of your efforts and achievements of recovery.

Get involved

For more information email

Diane Wooten, Alumni Coordinator -

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