The W House is a residential halfway house(ASAM Level III.1) for women in the early stages of recovery from chemical dependency. The mission of the W House is to provide intensive residential treatment services to alcohol and drug dependent women in the early stages of recovery. The W House provides and supports the delivery of the most affordable, efficient and effective service by providing treatment, education, and relapse prevention, regardless of their ability to pay. Our goal is to return women back to society and back to their families as sober, responsible, law-abiding, productive citizens.

The program philosophy is based on the disease concept of chemical dependency and incorporates twelve-step recovery program participation. The program is designed to offer encouragement and support in order to enable clients to begin to live a life free from drugs or alcohol while restoring self-confidence and dignity. Ideally, this goal may be accomplished with a commitment to continued recovery and involvement in twelve-step recovery programs, addiction education, group and individual counseling, family involvement in the treatment process and willingness to cooperate with all related community resources for recovery.

The W House offers professional addiction treatment services combined with a structured recovery environment.  Treatment is directed toward applying recovery skills, preventing relapse, promoting personal responsibility and reintegrating clients into the world of work, education and family life. Clinical services are also directed toward enhancing treatment acceptance and motivation, preventing relapse, and promoting eventual reintegration into the community through addressing vocational rehabilitation, parenting skills, emotional coping skills and development of a support network.